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About HeartSong

HeartSong Ministries is a non-profit corporation whose purpose is to reach, teach and inspire women to love and serve the Lord wholeheartedly.

This is accomplished by:

Through inspirational books, ministering to the elderly, sick, 
lonely and discouraged
Counseling women one-on-one and via the internet on a daily 
Living life-style evangelism in the world around me
Traveling to foreign countries to share God’s message and love

Teach God’s word in a practical, applicable way through 
messages, books, seminars, tapes, counseling, retreats, 
mentoring, Bible Studies and any other doors God opens

Motivate women through inspirational stories and illustrations
Be an example of how to “be a light” to those around me
Share personal examples of how God turns ordinary moments 
into extraordinary moments for His glory

How you can support God’s work ?
• You can give financially to HeartSong Ministries and help get the message out through books and newsletters.
Please send your tax deductible donation to HeartSong Ministries:
1015 Olive Crest Drive, Encinitas, California 92024.
• You can pray for HeartSong Ministries as God leads.
• You can tell others about HeartSong Ministries and about Carol’s availability to speak.


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